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        Ha....HAHAHA. When Joe says there isn't any new stuff...he lies. If you want something new check this out. - Nick
        Don't expect anything new for awhile...   -Joe
        Memories and a re-compressed version of Moron Kombat are online and downloadable. A Memories, Who's Shootn'? and Moron Kombat story should be up by the end of the week.   -Nick
2-25-04 is now Its the same thing except its not at Might be a little easier for you. Joe is expected to upload the other videos today or tomorrow.    -Nick
       BIG UPDATE:  Joe and my brother mike, about two summers ago created a short film with the old Digital 8. It is called Who's Shoot'n. And Joe wanted some new stuff for the web site, so here is Who's Shootin' (2002). Also, expect to see a 15 minute video labelled "Squeaky Clean" , a 3 minute sum-up of previous movies labelled "Memories" , a re-compressed version of "Moron Kombat" (better video quality), and the new "Moron Kombat: Dumbly Alliance" and possibly others like "Yell-a-Phone" and are trial of "Fatman" as downloadable videos by the end of the month.    -Joe and Nick
       The first scene of Fatman didn't turn out too good, so we're gonna reshoot it later in the week (but at least we took a curtosy shot shown above.) Hopefully we'll get Moron Kombat: Dumbly Alliance done over the weekend (or by the end of the week or somethin). We'd get much more done if Nick would stop sleeping during the a fag. Well have a good day people    -Joe
       We finally started Fatman...That's all I gotta say -Joe
       Idiot Pickters will finally begin the production of the first feature length labeled Fatman. Filming will start Monday, Feb. 9th. The first scene is scheduled to be finished filmed and edited by Feb. 22nd and the first scene will be the only scene to be posted on the site to be viewed. -Joe
        Idiot Pickters is stumped. The time must come when Joe will get his new camera, but we dont know what to film first with it. So we are asking the people what they would be most interested in seeing first. Take the Poll. -Nick
        The Patriots win....Janets Boobs are exposed....Guy runs across field naked..... some commercials rock. The Super Bowl this year turns out to be quite an interesting show. By the way, it's my birthday today tomorrow!!         -Nick
        When we posted the past news  last night on the date of the 30th, Joe was yet to call and order his Canon GL2. So since Joe will be getting his camera on the date of 2-6-04, we have postponed the release of Moron Kombat: Dumbly Alliance to the date of 2-9-04 so it can be shot in a much higher video quality (but on the internet, it'll look about the same). -Joe
        The Teaser Poster and name of the sequel of Moron Kombat is up. You can check out the poster, or get information on 'Moron Kombat: Dumbly Alliance'. -Nick
        The first descriptions of Idiot Pickter's upcoming feature length : Fatman has been written. The Movie will be due out sometime in May. -Joe
        Even if you dont really care, Joe is attempting to finally purchace a new camera. The Canon GL2 is a 3CCD Prosumer camera that is used to film the show 'The Ozzbourne's'. -Nick
        On its first day released to the public, Moron Kombat recieved a whopping 30 hits from users who visited. Due to the popularity of the film, Idiot Pickters has decided to jump right into creating a new verion of Moron Kombat. We will shoot this weekend and possably have it done by the end of next week. -Nick
        Moron Kombat is now available to download for the viewing audience. You can click the link to download the movie. its a 12 mgb file so it might take a wile if you have a slow connection. -Nick
        Moron Kombat pictures are on the site..well not actually, its just a link to the old site. Dont tell me I am getting lazy allready. -Nick
        The first update to the official Idiot Pickters web site is up. It is the story on how our first film, Project DMX was created. you can read the full story.   -Nick
        Welcome to the grand opening of the Idiot Pickters Web Site. There is not a whole lot of stuff on the site yet but I will update almost daily.  -Nick

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