Idiot Pickters
Story - Project DMX


                                        The Creation of Project DMX
       Project DMX (pjdmx) puts the Idiot in Idiot Pickters. For some strange reason, Joe has had the idea of making a rap video for the longest time. Every week he would bug and bug me, printing out lyrics, putting on his headphones and looping a rap song over and over again. Every time he mentioned the idea of making a rap video, I always moaned and groaned because why would a bunch of white red necks be making a rap video, but that wouldn't stop him. He would always make up a awesome come back like "you know its the best idea in the world nick..", or something like "your just jealous that you didn't think of the idea first.". But like before I questioned the thought of traveling below our talent.
         I found that we were going nowhere with any of our thoughts when coming up with other ideas for movies. I pondered and pondered on the thought of two white kids singing a rap song and started to think that it would be pretty funny to see what we could do with the idea.
        So on a regular visit to Joe's house, we sat down and I awaited the moment to tell him that I have approved to do his "rap video". When Joe hears something he likes, he usually replies with a big "YAY" like he just won a marathon, or won a million dollars playing the lotto.
        Joe immediately went surfing the web for more lyrics of songs that we could possibly learn. It turns out that half the rap songs out there, the singers say the words about seventy-five percent faster then a normal human would sing a song, and our brains could not work up to that pace. But the search was not over. As the day grew on, time seemed to stand still. Downloading possibly every rap song known to man, wasting somewhat around 50 pieces of paper printing out lyrics, we finally decided to just give up on the lip sinking part of a rap video, pick a random song and go in our backyards and act dumb wile the camera rolls (having such big brains pays off in the end).
        When we started filming pjdmx, we weren't sure how well everything would line up with what was happening in the song. So instead of worrying about lining everything up (even moving at the right tempo), we set out to my basement and began the magic that is Idiot Pickters.        
        The final product of pjdmx really didn't turn out as bad as we thought it was going to. In fact it turned out better then we thought it ever would. The layout was just like any other rap video out there. A bunch of people in front of their bling-bling, shaking what they got. Pjdmx is exactly that except honkey style.
        In the end pjdmx turned out to be quite a hit.. for us two. pjdmx was never released to public viewing but will be on the upcoming DVD and possibly on the site.
                                                                                        -Nick Tysh 04'